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Get Ready for Pandemic Schooling…Round 26 Useful Ways to Combat Back-to-School Anxiety (Covid-19 Edition).
Heading back to school can be an anxious and stressful time for kids and parents– especially during a pandemic.
The idea of another round of… View Toddler Discipline Doesn’t Have to Be a Battle Connecting with a pre-schooler.
If you’ve got a toddler, is discipline a challenge .
Sometimes those cute little people do real ly frustrating things.
And it’s hard to know how to… View How to Cultivate Healthy Screen Habits with Your Kids .

Does World War III break out over screen time in your home

You are not alone.
Cultivating healthy screen habits in kids (or adults) is… View Is Your Child Refusing to Do Schoolwork.
| Ep.
32Bring joy into your child ’s schoolwork.
Is your child refusing to do schoolwork.
What can you do .
Many parents are feeling the pressure of “crisis schooling,” and children are struggling to… View Help Your Struggling Child Grieve His Pre- Coronavirus Life | Ep.
Like many of us, your child might be grieving his pre- coronavirus life.
This challenging time can bring strong emotions to the surface in our kids… View How to Create a Simple Sensory Diet for Restless, Home bound Kids | Ep.
30Practical ideas to improve the mood in your home .
Are you “walking on eggshells” with restless, home bound kids.

Do your kids have a case of “Grumpy Child Syndrome”

Your family may need an extra… View What You Misunderstand About Your Misbehaving Child | Ep.
29Insights into your stressed, anxious, and discour age d child.
If you’ve got a child that seems to be misbehaving more than usual, you’re not alone .
These are trying times.

If your child seems to… View Am I a Bad Parent

| Ep.

28Stop Parenting Out of Guilt in a Time of Pandemic

You are not a bad parent.
During the pandemic, start learning how to stop parenting out of guilt or anxiety.
This content is also available… View “God is Always Up to Something!” | Ep.

27A word of encouragement (video) from Jim and Lynne Jackson

NOTE: This content is available as a video,  a blog post (below), or a 7-minute podcast.
We trust this will serve every situation and learning… View 4 Tips for Parenting During a PandemicThe Connected Families Framework in Action.
Crazy times have hit the world like never before in our lifetime.
Did you ever think you’d be reading about parenting during a pandemic.
Change… View 1.
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Parenting Tips.
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Parenting Framework.

The CF framework is summed up in this powerful pyramid

When parenting happens from the bottom to the top, it changes even the most challenging family dynamics.
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