Radetzky: Milano 1848 Published by Post Scriptum

The  above to the right, with its pop-down menu,  should help you navigate to all areas of my solitary venture into all things board-gamey… especially focusing on solitaire variants of multiplayer games but also peeking furtively at solitaire and co-operative games alike.
Side Room Games:.
2d6EE Games:.
Boardgame Minimalist:.
Ruined Sky Games:.

Angela Dickens ( Gobblin Goblins):

Geeks Collaborative Games:.
(COIN Tribe’s Revolt):.
Radetzky: Milano 1848 Published by Post Scriptum.
Dicium (4 different games, .

1 base mechanic) Published by Geek Attitude Games

The Order Of Vampire Hunters by Maki Games/Dark Gate Games

Dwarves Winter & Zoar (not solo) by Vesuvius Media

Darwinning by Dragon Dawn.

Covil; Dark Overlords by by Vesuvius Media

Be sure to wander over to the other areas of o where all things boardgamey and soloist are subject to many ramblings and such like on the solitaire variants of multiplayer game page link:.

…if it is Solitaire Games with cunning AI’s that you are looking for

Bots definitely make for challenging opponent type artificial intelligence  link:.
Or just glance at co-operative games that have their own special brand of solitarianism  link:.
Or perhaps your ears need that boardgame experience in the form of a podcast or two  link:.
and further reading with selected blogs and review sites  link:.
…or maybe you just want to skulk about in the area of odedicated to solely solo games…I will not judge.
…there is a pokey little corner of owhere I have started stuffing guests from the boardgaming world…keeping them against their will until they write down their views and opinions of solitaire board-gaming AGuestKnowsBest page.
…an interesting section in its infancy at the moment, that will surely be growing rapidly, is the compulsory donning of tin helmets to pursue all things in a  fashion looking beyond the soloist having to play both sides of a table:.
.the latest addition to o is a small section of the site that takes a closer look at playtest sessions of up & coming games and a variety of prototype boardgames for one :  Image taken from the Pug Quest campaign page.
A tentative otoe is dipped into the murky waters of the roleplay world…but roleplay for one (also a resource page for a wide range of roleplay podcasts & Twitch TV) :.
…a personal and relatively small feature recently added to the site, reports on ovisits to boardgame conventions from a solo gamer’s perspective:    from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.
Page link:.

NEC Birmingham page link:  Travelling Man

o’s first venture to Germany There is a oguild over on BGG where all the latest items for Both Sides of My Table will be announced as well as an opportunity to contribute to solo game variant discussion threads.
Feel free to take a look and subscribe to keep up to date with the latest news  …and now there a ogroup on face book where all are welcome to join in the chat, sharing and discussing of all things boardgamey in a soloish fashion (and more besides) ‪ If you would like to help support the BSoMT website, please feel free to buy me a coffee at.
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Velcro the boardgame cat.
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