Improving Deposit Rate through Personalization

Admissions Yield.
Maximizing deposit rate and minimizing yield through 1:1 conversation s.
Improving Deposit Rate through Personalization .
Discourse Analytics worked with a small non-profit university in the Southeast to create attitudinally personalize d messaging to expedite students through the admissions funnel.

Through an integration with the client’s applicant CRM system

Discourse Analytics consumed signal data and recommended a set of content tailored to nudge specific attitudinal profiles.
A persistent 10% Control Group was held out from the treatment in order to provide a clean comparison.
Among prospective students who have been admitted.

The Treatment Group had a 70% higher Deposit rate than students in the Control group

and arrested what would otherwise have been a significant drop.

From a Melt perspective (# Withdrawn Students before Drop / Add) / (Deposited Students)

the test group outperformed the Control by 10.7% and the 2017 class by 45%.
Pro-Forma Projections .

Based on the 2018 outperformance of the Test group vs

the Control, we perform an analysis to forecast what would have happened without the Digital Counselor.
Applying the differential Deposit & Attendance rates would have resulted in 371 fewer students in the class of 2022.
At tuition of $45,970, the retained tuition for 2018 was approximately $17,054,870.

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